Terms & Conditions

1. A Little Overview

By signing up for the Website or using it, you agree to the accompanying terms with WorkRockers.

  • 1. We might change these terms and conditions and any related data every now and then by posting changed terms on the Website.
  • 2. The Website is an online marketplace with two types of users: Freelancers and Clients Freelancers are the users who browse the jobs, apply for them, and complete the jobs they are hired for to earn money. On the other hand, clients are the users who post their project requirements, browse different freelancers, hire suitable freelancers, and pay them on job or milestone completions.

2. Essential Definitions

Employers/Clients: Sign up as clients, post the jobs, search for the freelancers, communicate with freelancers, hire the freelancers, pay the freelancers and leave feedback for the freelancers.
Freelancers: Sign up as freelancers, create their profiles, promote their skills, search for the jobs, apply for the jobs, complete the jobs, get awarded and reviewed for the jobs, receive the invoices and payments from the clients.
Account: It means the personalized account created by freelancers and clients on the website by signing up on it.
Billing and Payment Services: This term is collectively used for all the services from billing the total amount to the successful payment of the billed amount.
Escrow Service: Escrow service enables the employers or clients to pay the security of the job to the Work Rockers as a responsibility fee.
Services: It means all the collective services and features of Work Rockers provided to you.
Service Charges: It means the entire applicable fee for the various transactions and services on the Work Rockers website.

3. Scope

Before using the Work Rockers Website, we recommend that you read the entire User Agreement, the Website terms of service and all related data. You should read and acknowledge the majority of the terms in, and connected to, this User Agreement, the Code of Conduct, and the Work Rockers Privacy Policy. We emphatically suggest that, as you read this User Agreement, you additionally get to read the hyperlinked data. By accepting this User Agreement, you agree to this User Agreement and it will apply at whatever point you utilize the Work Rockers Website, or when you utilize the services we make accessible to collaborate with the Work Rockers Website. Some Freelancer Websites might have extra or different terms that we give to you when you utilize those websites.

4. Eligibility

You are not eligible for Work Rockers website-

  • 1. if you will not form legal contracts
  • 2. if you are minor i.e under 16
  • 3. if you are already banned from using the Work Rockers website. If someone is found doing all this, he will be suspended from using Work Rockers website.

Other ways to use the Work Rockers

  • 1. A person over 15 years of age and less than 16 years can use any of his relative adults account, but only with the permission of account holder. And all the responsibility goes to the real account holder
  • 2. Clients might give a business name or an organization name, which is to be connected with the User's Account. Clients recognize and agree that where a business name is connected with their Account, this User Agreement is an agreement with the User as an individual (not the business or organization) and Users remain individual in charge of all actions performed on their account.

5. Using Work Rockers

While using the Work Rockers Website:

  • 1. No inappropriate categories are used to post content or items.
  • 2. You will not fail to deliver payment for the services you have taken.
  • 3. You will not be responsible for any infringement of laws.
  • 4. You will not go around or control our fee structure, the charging fee, or expenses owed to Work Rockers
  • 5. You will not share spam, bulk mails or any other which may be harmful.
  • 6. You will not distribute viruses or any other which may damage the website.
  • 7. You can't transfer your own account to any other person without any consent. You first agreement is with us.
  • 8. You will not collect information about the users, their emails or any other information without their permission.

6. Intellectual Property Rights

is our strategy to react to clear notification of intellectual property rights infringement. Our Copyright Infringement Policy is intended to make submitting notification of claimed violation to us as clear as could reasonably be expected while diminishing the quantity of notification that we get that are fake or hard to comprehend or confirm. If you trust that your Intellectual Property Rights have been disregarded, please inform us through this connection on our Website and we will research.

7. Fees and Services

We charge fees for specific services, for example, bids. When you use a service that has an expense, you have a chance to survey and acknowledge the charges that you will be charged on the basis of our defined Fees and Charges, which we might change every now and then and will notify you by displaying on our website or sending you personalized messages. We might decide to briefly change the expenses for our services for some promotional events (for instance, discounts on bid packages) or new services, and such changes effective when we post the limited time promotional event or new services on the Websites. If not mentioned, all the fees are quoted in US Dollars.
Client Fees
WorkRockers do not charge any fees from the clients and offer the absolutely free services to them. However, there are a few Payment Processing Fees that is chargeable on the deposit of fund. The Payment Processing Fees associated with withdrawing the funds from WorkRockers is as follows:
Withdrawal Fee: 3.5%
WorkRockers has right to change these transaction fees from time to time. These changes will be updated in our terms of services as well as wherever these are mentioned.

Deposit Payment Method Fees
Bank Transfer No Charge
Credit Card/Debit Card No Charge

WorkRockers has right to change these transaction fees from time to time. These changes will be updated in our terms of services as well as wherever these are mentioned.

Freelancer Fee
The service fee of 12.5% is charged from the freelancers from their total earnings. Apart from this service fee, there will be the charges for the purchase of bids which solely depends on the user that what bid package does he want to buy.

Bids USD
15 $ 10
30 $ 20
45 $ 30
80 $ 50
165 $ 100

When the freelancer will withdraw the funds from their WorkRockers account, the WorkRockers can pass the fee as charged by the third party. This fee is as follows:

Withdrawal Currency Withdrawal Method Fees
US Us Bank Transfer No Charge
GBP SEPA/Local Currency* No fee
USD International Bank Transfer $ 9
USD Local Currency No fee
GBP SEPA/Local Currency* No fee
EUR International Bank Transfer $ 9
EUR SEPA/Local Currency* No fee
EUR International Bank Transfer $ 9
  • SEPA/Local Currency Bank Transfer: If you choose the local currency bank transfer as your payment option and your country is included in SEPA/Local Currency Country List, then you will be directly paid in your local bank account.
  • Bank Transfer Reversal Fee: Under any circumstances, if your bank transfer gets reversed because of incorrect bank details or bank type, then you will be charged the reversal fee according to the currency exchange difference.
  • Bank Transfer Investigation Fee: If there is any delay in the transaction amount to show up in your bank then we can investigate your bank on some fee which has to be provided by the freelancer.
  • Chargeback or Request for Information Fee: A chargeback is a penalty which takes place as a result of disputed card transaction in which the card owner put a dispute that the card has been used without his/her authorization. The request for information is the request raised by the bank to WorkRockers seeking more details about the matter. Under both conditions, the bank charges a fee to the WorkRockers, which is further passed to the freelancer.

8. Taxes and Charges

All the registered users are in responsible for paying taxes and reporting of any duties. Other than in accordance with the 1099 Service, Work Rockers is responsible for deciding the applicability of any taxes, collect or report any such relevant charges, unless consented to by both sides according to the terms of any procurement of tax services given to you by Work Rockers. You agree that you will be responsible for all the federal tax acts, regulations and the law. If Work Rockers gets a notification of noncompliance with any such act, regulation or regular law, including, without confinement, an Internal income Service tax, Work Rockers will consider such receipt a rupture of this segment and will suspend your Account until we get income service tax.

9. Payment Organizations

You recognize and agree that we might in our sole watchfulness, every now and then, delegate our related organizations or a third party as our operators to acknowledge or make payments (counting vendor offices) from or to Users for our benefit. Such an outsider will have the same rights, controls and benefits that we have under this User Agreement and will be qualified for activity or implement their rights, controls and benefits as our operators or in their own name. Under no circumstances should we be at risk to any user for any calamity, harm or obligation coming about because of the Payment Service Agent's carelessness and/or acts past the power given by Freelancer.

10. Promotion

We might show your organization or business name, logo, pictures or other media, and open portrayal of your Projects and profile as a component of the Freelancer Services and/or other promoting materials identifying with the Freelancer Website, aside from where you have expressly asked for that we don't do this and we have consented to such demand.

11. Content

When you give us content, you concede us a non-restrictive, around the world, never-ending, permanent, sovereignty free, sub licensable (through various levels) right to practice all copyright, trademark, exposure, and database rights (yet no different rights) you have in the content, in any media known now or later on.

By accepting the agreement, you confirm that

-we have no obligation or risk for the cancellation or inability to store any content, regardless of whether the content was really made accessible on the Website; and -any content submitted to the Website is liable to our endorsement. We might dismiss, support or adjust your User content at our sole consideration.

You will have to warrant us that your information/content:

  • 1. Will not be any copyright, trademark of any other, property of any other or privacy of any person.
  • 2. Will not violate laws.
  • 3. Will not contain pornography.
  • 4. Will not contain the production/development of things like missiles production, explosion, and weapons.
  • 5. Will not be defamatory.
  • 6. Will not include false information.
  • 7. Will not contains material that is not useful on website and harmful for humanity.
  • 8. Will not contain any viruses.

You recognize and agree that we might exchange your data to a related corporate and your data may be exchanged outside of US and the EEC-region. In the event that you wish to pull back your consent, you recognize and agree that we may not able to provide you with access to the Website and Freelancer Services and might close your Account.

Data on the Website might contain general data about legitimate, monetary, wellbeing and different matters. The data is not guidance, and ought not to be dealt with in that capacity. You should not depend on the data on the Website as a different option for expert guidance. If you have particular inquiries regarding any matter you ought to counsel your expert guide.

The Website might contain connections to other third-party sites. We don't control the sites to which we connect from the Website. We don't embrace the content, items, services, practices, approaches or execution of the sites we connection to from the Website. Utilization of outsider content, connections to outsider content and/or sites is at your danger.

12. Feedback, Rating and Reviews

You understand that your profile will get remarks and rating (e.g. quality, correspondence and so forth.) by us. Our feedback evaluation fit in with us and may not be used for any reason other than promoting Freelancer Services by means of the Website. You may not use your Freelancer or Client feedback (counting, but rather not constrained to, promoting or sending out your any or the greater part of your composite rating or input remarks) in any genuine or virtual venue other than a site worked by Freelancer or its related elements without our composed authorization.

13. Advertising

Unless generally agreed with us, you should not publicize an outside site, item or service on the Website. Any site address posted on the Website, incorporating into a posting, offer, or the message, must relate to the task, challenge, thing recorded, client or services being performed on the Website.

14. Communication with Other Users

You should not post your email address or other contact data on the Website, aside from in the "email" field of the information forms, at our permission or as generally allowed by us on the Website.

Unless you have an earlier relationship with a User, you should just interact with Users only by means of the Website, including by using the Project work room, private inbox or chat rooms including file sharing.

15. Right to Review

We might review all information posted on the Website and download, and test (if vital), all transferred files, projects and sites share by you by using our website with the end goal of examining misrepresentation and for danger service and related purposes.

16. Identity/Know Your Customer

You approve us to make any request we consider important to accept your personality and identity. You should, at our permission: -give additional data to us, which might incorporate your date of joining and other data that will permit us to sensibly recognize you
-find a way to affirm responsibility for email address; or
-confirm your data against outsider databases or through different sources.

You should also, at our solicitation, give proof of recognizable proof documents, (for example, your driving license).

We maintain whatever authority is needed to close, suspend, or constrain access to your Account, the Website and/or Freelancer Services in the occasion we can't get or check agreeable to us the data which we ask for under this segment.

17. User Services

Upon the Client recompensing a venture or challenge to the Freelancer, and the Freelancer's acknowledgment on the Website, or the buy of a service by a Client from the Freelancer, the Client and Freelancer will be regarded to have gone into a User Contract under which the Client consents to buy, and the Freelancer consents to convey the Freelancer Services. You agree not to go into any contractual procurement in struggle with the User Agreement.

You are exclusively in charge of guaranteeing that you agree to your commitments to different Users. If you don't, you might get to be subject to that User. You should guarantee that you know about any residential laws, global laws, statutes, laws and regulations applicable to you as a Client or Freelancer, or in whatever other uses you make of the Website.

If another User ruptures any commitment to you, you are singularly in charge of implementing any rights that you might have. For the shirking of uncertainty, we have no obligation regarding implementing any rights under a User Contract. Every User recognizes and agrees that the relationship in the middle of Clients and Freelancers is that of a self employed entity. Nothing in this User Agreement makes an association,
joint endeavor, and office or job relationship between Users. Nothing in this User Agreement might in any capacity be understood as framing a joint endeavor, association or a business representative relationship in the middle of Freelancer and the User.

18. Funds

You might have funds in your Account you have paid ahead of time for expenses or charges or for services to be given to you by means of the Website.

Funds in your Account are held by us in our working records held with legitimate money related organizations. Reserves in your Account are not held independently by us and may be blended with our general working subsidizes and supports of other User's Accounts. You are not qualified for any premium, or different profit for assets that are in your Account.

If your Account has a negative amount of funds, we may:

In case of negative amount of funds in your account, we may:

  • set-off the negative measure of assets with assets that you hence get into your Account; if you have accounts in various monetary standards in your Account and one of the coinage gets to be negative for any reason, we might set-off the negative sum against assets you keep up in an alternate cash equalization (at a swapping scale connected by us);
  • reverse payments you have produced using your Account to other User Accounts on the Website;
  • Deduct sums you owe us from cash you therefore include or get into your Account; or
  • Quickly suspend or restrain your Account until such time as your Account no more has a negative sum.

If we counterbalance a negative measure of assets in accordance with this segment, it might be packaged with another charge leaving your Account. We claim all authority to gather any assets owed to us by whatever other lawful means.

19. Limits & Fraud Prevention

We maintain all authority to suspend a User withdrawal demand if the source of the payments is suspected to be fake. If that we get to be acknowledged that any assets got into an Account from another Account as an aftereffect of a deceitful exchange (e.g. paid a Milestone Payment utilizing a stolen charge card) it will be turned around promptly. If those funds have as of now been discharged to you, you should pay the funds into your Account. If you don't do as such, we might suspend, restrict or cross out your record, or make a move against you to recover those funds. We might, in our sole carefulness, put a point of confinement on any or the majority of the funds in your Account (along these lines keeping any utilization of the assets) if:

  • we accept there may be an abnormal state of risk connected with you, your Account, or any or the greater part of your exchanges, including in the event that we trust that there is a danger that such funds will be liable to inversion or chargeback;
  • we trust that the recipient of the payment is somebody other than you;
  • we trust that the payment is being made to a nation where we don't offer our Service; or we are required to do as such by law.
  • if you are included in a dispute, we might (in specific circumstances) put a provisional breaking point on the assets in your Account to cover the measure of any potential risk. If the dispute is determined to support you, we will lift the point of confinement on your funds and those funds may be released to you. If the dispute is not determined to support you, we might expel the funds from your Account.

20. Refunds

You might request a refund whenever for any assets that you have paid into your Account with the exception of if the add up to discount identifies with a Milestone Payment or identifies with expenses or charges payable to us.
In the event that the sum the User has requested that refunds identifies with:

  • a Milestone Payment, the Dispute Resolution Process may be taken after; or
  • our expenses and charges, the procedure set out in the Clause "Dispute with Us" must be taken after. In the event that we consent to the refund, the assets will be done by the User by means of the same payment method(s) that the User used to make the first payment to us. We might, in our sole watchfulness, utilize an option payment system in remarkable circumstances. We might discount assets to Users regardless of whether a User has asked for payments to be refunded if:
  • we are required by law or consider that we are required by law to do as such;
  • we verify that refunding assets to the User will maintain an increment in our costs;
  • we refund to the User as per any discount approach indicated by us;
  • we figure out that the first payment made by the User is fake;
  • the user made a duplicate payment in mistake; or
  • we consider, as we would like to think, that it is likely that the discount of assets is important to maintain a strategic distance from a Mastercard chargeback.

If you have as of now started a chargeback demand with your Visa mastercard, you should not ask for a refund of funds by reaching us and must not look for twofold recovery.

If we sensibly decide, having considered all the applicable circumstances, that you have made an excessive number of solicitations to discount stores back to you or chargebacks, we might suspend, restrict or close your Account.

21. Withdrawals

WorkRockers give you full control of your hard-earned money and lets you withdraw the money instantly.

22. Chargebacks

If Client fails to pay the Freelancer Fees or any other amounts due under the Terms of Service, whether by canceling Client’s credit or debit card, initiating an improper chargeback, or any other means, WorkRockers may suspend or close Client’s Account and revoke Client’s access to the Site, including Client’s authority to use the Site to process any additional payments, enter into Service Contracts, or obtain any additional Freelancer Services.
To the extent permitted by applicable law, WorkRockers or WorkRockers Escrow, at our discretion, may set off amounts due against other amounts received from or held by WorkRockers or WorkRockers Escrow for Client, make appropriate reports to credit reporting agencies and law enforcement authorities, and cooperate with credit reporting agencies and law enforcement authorities in any resulting investigation or prosecution.

23. Unused Accounts

Client Accounts that have not been signed into for a constant period will acquire an upkeep expense for each month, until either the record is shut or reactivated, for capacity, data transmission, backing and service expenses of giving facilitating of the User's profile, portfolio stockpiling, posting in registries, advancement of your profile on the site and somewhere else, procurement of the HireMe service, document stockpiling, message transmission and message capacity.
The length of the persistent period and the measure of the support expense is set out in our calendar of Fees and Charges.
We maintain whatever authority is needed to close an Inactive Account.
We maintain whatever authority is needed to close a record with nil or negative assets.

24. Right to Close, Refuse

We might close, suspend or confine your entrance to your Account without reason. Without restricting the previous, we might close, suspend or constrain your entrance to your Account: -if we find out that you have ruptured, or are acting in breach of, this User Agreement;
-if you under-offer on any Project trying to renegotiate the genuine cost secretly, maintaining a strategic distance from expenses;
-if we find out that you have broken legitimate liabilities (real or potential), including encroaching another person's Intellectual Property Rights;
-if we observe that you have connected with, or are drawing in, in false, or unlawful exercises;
In any case that we close your Account because of your break of this User Agreement, you might also get to be at risk for specific charges as depicted in this User Agreement.
If we close your Account for a reason other than as a consequence of your break of this User Agreement, unless as generally indicated in this User Agreement, you will be qualified for get any payment due from us to you.
If we close your Account, you will have no case at all against us for any such suspension or end of your Account.

25. Milestone Payments

We work on an escrow service. We give the services which permit controlled payments to be made concerning service called Milestone Payments. Subject to the User Contract, the Client can make a Milestone Payment, which will be released from the Client's Account and can't be guaranteed by the Freelancer until:

  • The Client and Freelancer agree that the assets can be asserted by the Freelancer
  • If there is a question, the Client and Freelancer have finished up the Dispute Resolution Process and the Dispute is determined in the Freelancer's support
  • The Client allow us to pay a Freelancer for services performed by the Freelancer in appreciation of a venture or challenge
  • The Client confirms that the Freelancer has finished the services completely and acceptable. If Client does not support the Freelancer's work, the party might choose to determine the issue under the Dispute Resolution Process. If we have not got any guidelines from a Client in appreciation of a Milestone Payment inside of twelve months after the day that the Milestone Payment was paid and the Client has not signed into their Account amid that time, the Milestone Payment will be opened and discharged back to the Client.

26. Dispute on Milestone Service

Freelancer offers the Milestone Dispute Resolution Services to Users who have chosen to utilize the Milestone Payment highlight. You agree and recognize that:

  • (i) Freelancer is not giving legitimate services;
  • (ii) Freelancer won't insist you in regards to any lawful matters; and
  • (iii) If you want to have legitimate guidance, you will look for an autonomous lawful advice from those authorized to provide legal counsel in your jurisdiction. You won't depend on Freelancer for any such insight.

In the case of a dispute between a Client and a Freelancer with respect to an arrival or arrival of Milestone Payments, either Client or Freelancer might choose to utilize the Milestone Dispute Resolution Services offered by Freelancer as set out in the Milestone Disputes Policy. The Client and Freelancer will then be told that the matter will be tended to through the Milestone Dispute Resolution Services.

You consent to reimburse and hold Freelancer and any of our partners innocuous against any harms or obligation you might endure as a consequence of utilizing the Milestone Payments and/or Milestone Dispute Resolution Services.

27. Code of Conduct

The Work Rockers Code of Conduct applies to every one of the services offered by Work Rockers, including, however not restricted to, the Milestone Dispute Resolution Services. It is agreed by you that you will make each try at reasonable play and post sensible and reasonable requests/offers on your question.

A User found to be in break of the Code of Conduct amid the Milestone Dispute Resolution Service procedure might naturally lose the dispute for the other party included, paying little notice to the beginning of the question. The User who ruptured the Code of Conduct may also bring about further disciplinary activity. For more data, read the Code of Conduct.

28. Disputes with Us

If there is dispute in between you and Work Rockers, we will definitely address your problems and, if we can't do something that is agreeable to you, to furnish you with a method for determining the dispute rapidly. We emphatically urge you to first get in touch with us straightforwardly to look for a help by using our client help & support site or message us at support@workrockers.com

All cases you bring against Work Rockers must be determined as per the terms of this Agreement. All cases documented or conveyed as opposed to this Agreement might be considered dishonorably recorded and a break of this Agreement.
If any procedure by or against you is initiated under any procurement of any insolvency or indebtedness law, Freelancer will be qualified for recuperate every sensible cost or costs caused regarding the requirement of this Agreement.

Freelancer's inability to act as for a break by you or others doesn't waive our entitlement to act concerning ensuing or comparable ruptures.

29. Closing Your Account

You might close your Account whenever you wish. You can find the option for the same in your account settings. Account closing is liable to:

  • not having any existing postings on the Website; and
  • determining any remarkable matters, (for example, a suspension or limitation on your Account); and
  • paying any expenses owing on the Account.

30. Privacy

We utilize your data as depicted in the Work Rockers Privacy Policy. Ifyou protest your data being moved then you may not utilize our services.

31. Security

You should instantly tell us after getting to be mindful of any unapproved access or some other security break to the Website, your Account or the Work Rockers Services and do everything conceivable to alleviate the unapproved access or security rupture (counting saving confirmation and informing suitable powers). You are exclusively in charge of securing your secret word. We won't be at risk for any misfortune or harm emerging from unauthorized access of your record coming about because of your inability to secure your secret key.

32. No Warranty

Work Rockers do not offer any form of WARRANTY or INSURANCE. The restrictions on our risk to you above might apply regardless of whether we, our related contents, our partners or staffs have been informed with respect to the likelihood of such misfortunes or harms emerging.